MLM Downline Manager

MLM Downline Manager 4.5

Manages and updates MLM business information
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The manager organizes business materials for current MLM projects. It features a database with entries and supports the addition, removal, and editing of member profiles, downlines, customer contacts, etc. Each entry includes modifiable details on the current status, content, and participants.

Start your MLM Business and/or take full control over it! Whether you are recently involved in a MLM business, or lead your business for years, or will start your own, brand new MLM busines, we have right solutions for you.

Main Features:

- User Management: Add/Edit/Delete members (downlines, customers etc.). View invoices, personal volume, calculate group volume, calculate commision and earnings. Add/Change/Delete task and bussiness support material. View and print birthdays, quick search etc. All features on single mouse click. Import members and customer groups from MS Excel (CSV file).
- Genealogy, visual tree: See your network on visual way. Easy locate a downline group, quick find downlines and/or customers etc. Unlimited user groups (Downline,Customer, Prospects...) with different colors and different volume values. See group volume, personally sponsored frontlines, number of downlines, customers etc.
- Tasks: Unlimited Task category with color option. Easy filter tasks by category or all tasks. Filter task started by choosen member (Professional and up version), if they are set to public. Fast view all today’s/tommorrow’s or next 7 days tasks. Task’s are colored (inside category) so it is clear are they started, finished or not started.
- Calendar: Filter calendar by member. See monthly/weekly/daily calendar, Work or full week. Task and calendar’s are connected - calendar contains a tasks in the visual form.
- Invoices: Make quick invoice, using Insert invoice command, or using Copy invoice. Invoice Volume/Amount can be added to current member or invoice holder. Quick add/edit products and volume and amount are automatically calculated. Filter invoices issued by specific member. Invoice created on Webshop are automatically visible (PROFESSIONAL and up versions).
- Newsletter: Use newsletter category to better organize your newsletters. Newsletter can contain specific fileds, like [FirsLastName] which can be replaced with member data (mailmerge function). Easy create text or HTML newsletter, or open previously created. Send newsletters to subscriber members (each member have Newsletter Yes/No field).
- Commission: Matrix, Binary, Unilevel or your own compensation plan? Not a problem. Additional filtering, like “show me only 15%” or “show me only John’s group” is allways possible. Displayed are all needed informations, like all percents, earnings, not qualified etc. Easy export commission report to PDF file and email to each member (PROFESSIONAL and up versions).

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